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Spy Cell Phone of Your Employees With a Spy App

Even if you are an extremely strict boss and you show that you don’t really care about anybody, but we all know that it’s human nature to be curious about what others talk about you. In a situation where those people are your employees, your curiosity tends to get the better of you and you won’t want to leave a chance to know what they talk about you when you are not around. This is where a need to spy cell phone of your employees is felt and this is where you require the services of a cell phone spy app known as StealthGenie.

What does StealthGenie do?

Living your dream is what everybody wishes for. It is not less than any employer’s dream to keep an eye on their employees at all times. A spying software StealthGenie runs inside the cell phone of your employees and does not let anyone find out about it. All you need to do is register online for an account with StealthGenie and access the entire cell phone data of your employees just by logging in to your StealthGenie account.

Record surroundings

StealthGenie provides employers with the ability to record the surrounding sounds of their employee’s cell phone whenever they want to. This spy software works brilliantly with all the latest Android, iPhone and BlackBerry models.

Call records and messenger chats

Employers get to view all the calls made to and from the cell phone of their employees. The complete duration of each call as well as the exact time at which it was made is shown to employers by this spy software.

Messenger chats and contact details

Employers get to view all the messenger chat conversations of their employees. Details of all the contact numbers present in the cell phone of employees is also shown to employers by StealthGenie.

Your chance

Installing StealthGenie in your employee’s cell phone is a chance for you to know for yourself what your employees talk about you behind your back. Just spy cell phone of your employees with this spy app and keep track of all your employees as and when you want to.

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